Computer Aided Dispatch & Record Management System

  • LawSoft, Inc. provides a turnkey, scalable and customizable Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD), GIS Mapping System with Automated Vehicle Location (AVL), Records Management (RMS) and Fire & EMS CAD/RMS system. 

  • At LawSoft, Inc. we are only redefining the term "user-friendly" and making the task of reporting easy and effective without the redundant entry of information and providing easy field reporting that integrates all of your police data systems.

  • Data conversions incorporate your legacy system data to provide a true all-in-one system experience.

  • Most importantly our 24/7, US-based customer support is unparalleled in the industry.        




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LawSoft is not just a vendor we employ, but Ron and his team are partners in the North Bergen Police Department’s Crime Reduction Strategy.  They have worked with us to truly customize this product to our needs. Our ability to produce hotspot mapping and intelligence-led policing products has enabled us to be listed by two national studies as the 23rd safest big city in America, the 6th safest in New Jersey and the Safest Community in Hudson County.   

Police Chief Robert Dowd

North Bergen Police Department

North Bergen, NJ

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