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Ron Frost is the President, C.E.O., and founder of LawSoft Inc. Ron served honorably as a Police Officer in the Borough of Bloomingdale for 27 years reaching the rank of Lieutenant retired 2022. 

Ron was hired by the Borough of Bloomingdale in 1995. With a background in computer programming went back a being a Computer Science major at William Paterson University in the 1980s then a student and later a system engineer with Chubb Insurance located in Parsippany in the early 1990's. However, the desire to be a Police Officer outweighed the decision to be in the field of computer science and Ron achieved his goal of becoming a Police Officer in 1995. His Chief (Bill Alexander) decided to utilize Ron's expertise in computer programming to design a system for the department that would allow the Officers to write and retrieve their required reports. Ron says "while programming was what I'd been doing prior to being a Police Officer, the challenge of creating a user-friendly, but effective relational record management system for a law enforcement environment was no easy task. In the beginning, I created a basic database application to allow Officers to create their various reports and easily retrieve them. This, of course, made the task of reporting much easier, but I began to see the potential for full utilization of the information that was being obtained." By 1997 the Chief was interested in evaluating a popular CAD/RMS software of that time called Munipol, which some neighboring towns had purchased. After evaluating Munipol, which is now out of business, the Chief was advised that not only was it difficult to use, but it wasn't effective and not as functional as the basic solution that the department had been using. "At that time we were seriously thinking of buying the Munipol system until we realized how limited it was. Combining that knowledge with a $50,000+ plus price tag, I was able to convince my Chief that I could deliver something much better and for no cost to the town. By the time the basic core of what is now the LawSoft CAD/RMS product was completed, we had been able to seamlessly link all of our data in an extremely user-friendly, but very powerful system." Shortly thereafter the idea for LawSoft, Inc. was realized.

LawSoft, Inc. has now grown to serve over 100 Public Safety / Police Agencies in the State of New Jersey and continues growing. Our dedicated staff is comprised of not only skilled software developers, but several are current and retired Police Officers as well. We feel that this gives our company the edge because of our "boots on the ground" approach to product development. What we believe makes our product so unique is not only the fact that it was created by Police Officers, but the same officers actually use the system and rely on it in sometimes life-threatening situations. If this product was found to be deficient we would be the first to know!

We invite you to have a closer look...

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