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iLawSoft - for iPhone (iOS) & Android Devices


The iLawSoft App that is now available on iTunes and Google Play and puts your CAD/RMS system in the palm of your hand.   This cutting edge app will allow all users of the iPhone (iOS) or  Android devices to remotely and securely access their CAD/RMS information anytime and anywhere. A must-have for detectives and administrators who can instantly access what is happening while out of the office. Whether you have a Wi-Fi or a wireless data connection you can receive live up to the second updates on the statuses of personnel, reports taken and emergency contact information. Users will be able to perform Master Name and Case searches instantly.

At LawSoft we never stop with innovative new ways to make accessing information easier and more user-friendly.  

Key Benefits:

  • Live up to the second status of personnel / active calls

  • Ability to view Investigative  reports as they are entered

  • Instant access to emergency contact information in your jurisdiction with a speed dial call feature

  • Master Name Index searches return a list of viewable reports involving the subject of the inquiry 

  • Perform report inquires based on Case Number

  • Mapping and directions based on the subject ‘s address

  • A must for Detective Bureau and Police Administration


iLawSoft Menu

Live CAD Status

Live Investigative Report Log

Read Full Reports


Master Name Searches


Emergency Call-Out with Dialer

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