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LawSoft, Inc. offers integrated Fire & EMS CAD solutions that will allow dispatchers to record specific information that is needed by both Fire & EMS agencies.  Times, incident types, zones, and onsite alerts will differ greatly for Police, Fire & EMS responding personnel. LawSoft gives you the ability to independently track responses for all 3 agencies while still being connected to the same CAD entry in Police Dispatch.  The flexibility in LawSoft will also allow agencies to push CAD information to other dispatchers or dispatch locations where agencies separate the dispatch responsibilities for each agency.  Mandatory EMS State data tracking for EMS dispatch is produced with a couple of keystrokes and a button push to send the information monthly to the required State agency. Fire Reporting is instant to all major NIFRS reporting systems and silent paging is built-in for 1st responders.

Fire & EMS Solutions

Key Benefits:

  • Instant silent Fire & EMS paging

  • Scalable & Customizable for paid and volunteer agencies

  • Available for field reporting and live CAD monitoring

  • No calls to dispatch or paper rip & run sheets needed

  • Historically searchable for data-driven reporting and GIS-based call mapping

  • Automated data push to the following systems:

    • ERS (Emergency Reporting System)

    • Firehouse Software

    • RedNMX (Red Alert)

    • Codes by FireFile

    • EMS Charts

    • ESO EMS Reporting 

    • eDispatch

    • I Am Responding

    • Plus Many more

Fire CAD



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