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LawSoft is not just a vendor we employ, but Ron and his team are partners in the North Bergen Police Department’s Crime Reduction Strategy.  They have worked with us to truly customize this product to our needs. Our ability to produce hotspot mapping and intelligence-led policing products has enabled us to be listed by two national studies as the 23rd safest big city in America, the 6th safest in New Jersey and the Safest Community in Hudson County.   

Police Chief Robert Dowd

North Bergen Police Department

North Bergen, NJ

The Hoboken Police Department has been utilizing the LawSoft CAD/RMS system since 2014. 

LawSoft tailored their system to fit the specific needs of the Hoboken Police Department, which utilizes quantitative data for tracking crime trends throughout the city. The easy to use interface makes it simple for our officers to enter vital report information which is easily retrieved and used in statistical reports.  Workflow with arrest processing has been greatly simplified with many of the built-in functions and various interfaces to all the other popular software systems used in the law enforcement community.

This allows our personnel to quickly write reports and get back to the job of policing, rather than spending endless hours in front of a computer.  I would strongly recommend this system to any law enforcement agency looking to streamline their dispatch, report writing and records management processes within their department.

Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante

Hoboken Police Department

Hoboken, NJ

The Secaucus Police Department has been using LawSoft for almost two years. LawSoft was able to seamlessly convert data from our previous CAD/RMS vendor into a searchable format within Lawsoft, which automatically links to newly inputted data.  Every aspect of the system is created with the user (officers in the field) in mind.  Ron and his team provide technical support for the system that is beyond reproach.  LawSoft has provided our agency with the ability to organize, consolidate and import our data into manageable case files.  Knowing that each police department is unique in their own ways, Ron does not hesitate when it comes to tailoring the system to suit each department's individual needs and will exceed your expectations.  The only regret I have with Lawsoft is not converting to it sooner.

Police Captain Dennis Miller

Secaucus Police Department

Secaucus, NJ

One of my first objectives as Chief of Police for the Rutherford Police Department in 2013 was to acquire a new CAD/RMS system. Through numerous interviews and demonstrations from other well-known vendors, LawSoft, by far stood out as the front-runner for my agency.  The professionalism and pride of Ron and his team was evident during our initial consultation and has not wavered to this day.  LawSoft’s Police CAD module is easy to navigate for my personnel running our dispatch desk and the Mobile CAD module used by our patrol officers in the field fits seamlessly to make the entire package effective and efficient.   I constantly hear of new technology and systems with all of the bells and whistles for law enforcement, yet I have not seen anything comparable to the quality product and unparalleled support that LawSoft has provided me for the last seven years.

Police Chief John Russo

Rutherford Police Department

Rutherford, NJ

The Cedar Grove Police Dept. has been utilizing LawSoft Inc. for CAD and RMS software for the last seven years. Additionally, we have chosen to use LawSoft, Inc. for our information technology support. The software is simple, intuitive and very COP friendly. From implementation to system maintenance and updates the LawSoft staff customer service has been unmatched. They have been readily available to assist or resolve any issue that has come up over the years. Ron Frost the President, C.E.O. and founder of LawSoft stays in touch and takes a personal interest in our success. Additionally, the associate companies LawSoft uses like WTH Think GIS for mapping and ERS for emergency fire reporting have been exceptional as well.  I would highly recommend LawSoft.

Police Chief Joseph Cirasa

Cedar Grove Police Department

Cedar Grove, NJ

Our experience with LawSoft has been nothing less than amazing. We investigated several other CAD/RMS software providers, none of which could offer the capabilities we received with LawSoft. The transition from our previous vendor came with some trepidation but with the reassurance of the support technicians, our concerns were quickly put at ease. Support requests have been very accommodating and timely, with little or no interference in our operations. We are extremely satisfied with LawSoft and would highly recommend this product to any agency seeking to improve their operations via their CAD/RMS systems.

Police Chief Robert Regalbuto

Wildwood Police Department

Wildwood, NJ

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