LawSoft CAD/RMS - System Overview

LawSoft, Inc. brings you the easiest to use, most effective Computer Aided Dispatch / Record Management System available today, now with integrated GIS mapping and AVL (Auto-Vehicle Location). This is a proven system that accomplishes what it claims. We never make false promises and you'll never hear us say "that's coming, we're still working on it" when referring to what you've seen in our demo.  More importantly, not only was this system created by software developers, but by Police Officers that use the system everyday. These same Officers are employed by LawSoft as developers, instructors and technical support personnel.

LawSoft, Inc. was incorporated in 2003, however the software was designed and has been in use for over 17 years. Even though our software has stood the test of time we use the most current and up to date software platform available to take advantage of the latest technological advances in this field. In doing this we bring you a state of the art, easy to use CAD/RMS/AVL-Mapping application in the field today.

At LawSoft, Inc. our developers and system engineers are not only highly skilled in application development, but also in the genre of Police reporting work flow.This allows LawSoft, Inc. to deliver a solution this is fast, effective and easy to use because it is designed using Police Officer logic regarding how data is entered, retrieved and analyzed.